Getting great

A friend of mine, Matthew Perosi, just crossed a huge milestone.  He’s posted to his blog for 600 days in a row.

In that time, he’s built a loyal following of people in his industry who respect him and trust him.  He has an invaluable advantage over anyone in his space.  It’s not because he’s the smartest or the best looking.

It’s because he was willing to be committed and to perform consistently.

Being great isn’t a hit or miss sort of operation.  And it isn’t about momentary brilliance.

It’s about being good – consistently – for long enough, to get great.



  1. Thank you Melissa. I didn’t know you wrote this 3 months ago and now that I find it I’m touched… and I won’t hold it against you that you said I’m not the smartest or the best looking 😉

    So here’s a bit of cool information: I found this blog of yours, not because you told me about it, but because I was just doing a deep review of my Google Webmaster Tools. I downloaded the “latest links” from the “Links to Your Site” page and you were 177th on the list. You posted this on November 16, 2012 and Google found it on December 16, 2012.

    What actually disturbs me about this is that I have a Google Alert set up for my name, but the alert never came in for this post. Seems like the Alert system is broken… maybe I should test that more and then blog about it.

    By the way, I just passed the 675 milestone. Today, for the first time, I actually had writer’s block. Honestly I felt it creeping up on me all week, but then I found topics to write about when something happened with a customer that was worth writing about. But today, I spent 4 hours searching for topics on the computer, then another 4 hours away from the computer, then another 2 hours at the computer again. I struggled to write #676!

    Suddenly I seem to have more ideas in my head again… I refuse to give up until I hit #1000 which is some time i June 2014!

    • http://Melissa says

      I never said that you aren’t good looking and smart. My point was that you weren’t depending on your natural gifts…

  2. HEH! Okay I take that back… I just realized that this post was discovered by Google on November 17, 2012

    The Googlebot discovery on December 16, 2012 was of your “author” page.

    However, Google Alerts still didn’t notify me on November 17, 2012. I just checked the alert settings to find that I had it set to “only the best results,” which I just changed to “All results.”

    So yeah, thanks for this post, it actually helped me find an incorrect setting.

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