You can make your business great by choice

Though the national election is over, small businesses still have to deal with a great deal of uncertainty.  It's easy to feel like no one has ever had to deal with these circumstances before.  And in a specific sense that is true.  But more … [Continue reading]

Was it all worth it?

This morning I was chatting with a business associate from South Africa. Like other friends in Europe and the UK he's been following the US election closely. Sergio mentioned that it's hard for him to understand exactly what we got for the more … [Continue reading]

What’s In a Face?

New Babies Already Look Like Themselves

When Greg came downstairs this morning, this image was on his tablet screen. We'd been expecting news of the birth of these little ones and I wasted no time scrutinizing the tiny face I could see.  Did I recognize that nose? That got me thinking.  … [Continue reading]

More Medicare Cuts for Physical Therapy in 2012

I just opened my mail today and found a pitch from PT-PAC urging me to send them $25-$1000 to keep “12 members of Congress” from including Medicare payments to all providers “especially physical therapy” in the $1.2 Trillion they have to cut from the … [Continue reading]

Physical Therapy Marketing Information

Is there any REAL Information out there? In a world where corporate physical therapy and POP clinics are driving quality minded physical therapy practices out of business, it seems to me that marketing our practices is the one core skill that will … [Continue reading]

Internet vs. Phone Book

My assistant's thirteen-year-old daughter was at the office this afternoon. I showed her the phone book (that had been serupticiously delivered earlier in the day) and asked her if she knew what it was. Her completely sincere response: "It has car … [Continue reading]

Great Service IS Great Marketing

Spring Onions

This week was the first week of produce pick-up for our CSA (community supported agriculture).  Greg and I had finally joined this year, rather than picking and choosing our veggies week by week at the local farmers market and (remembering the … [Continue reading]

How Leads Are Like Raspberries

Last weekend, I invited a friend to come over and pick blueberries on our property with her 5-year-old son.  She laughed and told me that no one shares their berry patch - berry patches are secrets because they are precious and scarce.  I told her … [Continue reading]

Is There a Conpiracy of the Rich?

I spent part of yesterday afternoon reading the first four chapters of Robert Kiyosaki’s new book Conspiracy of the Rich.  Robert’s first bookRich Dad, Poor Dadstarted me on the road of entrepreneurship, so I was curious about what he would have to … [Continue reading]