I LOVE Thanksgiving.  Love it.  It’s my absolute favorite holiday.   Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Christmas, New Years, Mardi Gras…

I really think it’s cool how people express their thanks to each other.  How they really think about what they’re grateful for and consider their blessings.

And I love the food.

Thanksgiving is the only holiday in our home where the menu has been refined to the point that we hate to deviate from it.  Each element requires careful preparation and is a mini celebration in itself.  Some people might think we’re obsessive, but we mostly really enjoy cooking together.

Just to give you an idea – For the pumpkin pie (We eat Pumpkin and Pecan – no Apple pie for Thanksgiving in this house) Pastry is made from scratch.  Sugar Pumpkins are sourced early at the farmers market, then is roasted and caramelized.  Add farm fresh eggs, organic cream (Thanksgiving is no time to think thin) and extra spices (double everything except the cinnamon, which we triple).  Every thing is put together at the last minute.  The pie bakes during dinner so it will still be warm a couple hours later when we have room for it…

You get the idea.

As you can imagine, this whole process requires careful planning in the week before the celebration.

It is still subject, however, to forces of nature.  Like the stomach bug that incapacitated me on Friday and kept me near the facilities over the weekend.  There was just no way I could even THINK about my favorite holiday without feeling a little (or a lot) green.

As we’ve relaid our plans, we’ve chosen to simplify, include the essentials and remember everything besides the food we have to be thankful for.

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