Tequila and the attention problem

I often talk about the attention problem… You need your prospect’s attention in order to start a relationship with them, but they don’t want to give it to you because they intuitively know it’s valuable and scarce and they already have too many other people demanding it. But, beyond that, if you don’t have someone’s attention, they can’t hear you. It’s as if you don’t exist.

My dog, Tequila, reminded me of this the other afternoon. We adopted her from the shelter a few weeks ago. She’s almost a year old, so it’s a little late to start training, but we’re persisting…We were out in the yard playing and lightly working on “come”, when her attention was captured by something at the edge of the lawn.

I kept calling her name, slapping my thighs, making noise. No response. She was completely involved in her own world twenty feet from mine. I did not exist. I started laughing because I recognized my drive to persist with my actions despite the fact that she had no idea I was even there.
Content may be king, but attention is queen.

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