What have you swiped lately?

You might think I’m suggesting you’ve done something wrong.  I’m not.

As a blogger, I have a swipe file.  It’s a practice that I swiped from copywriters.  Copywriters commonly keep files of advertising copy (good and bad) that they’ve seen, often outside their industry or market, that will help write effectively, either by emulating it or by avoiding it’s mistakes.  It gives them a place to bounce from when it’s time to create original copy.

I’ve found that I don’t just use the idea on my blog.  I use it in my business generally, too.  If I have a good experience with another business, I ask myself “How could I give my clients a similar experience?”

This helps me have new, not completely swiped, thoughts.  Thoughts that no one in my industry is having yet, because they’re not part of the common conversation.

It’s great fun.  If you haven’t swiped anything lately, it’s not too late to get started.  What could you swipe today?

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